Chocolate Mint A Refreshing Taste

Origin Of The Mint

Mint, or Mentha as referred to, is a family of 25 species. Mint leaves are  strong-scented, and exist throughout the year. Leaf colors range from dark green and gray-green to purple, blue and also pale yellow. They can grow to almost 120 cm tall with a potentially wide spread. In the world of food and drink, mint leaves can be used in teas, beverages, jellies, syrups, chocolate candies, and my favorite use - ice creams. I also read it is good to war off mesquitos, pretty cool. It also important to note the wide use of the mint in the arena of fine foods. Mint leaves are used in gourmet entrees for decoration and eating by some of the greatests chefs in the world.

Mint In A Chocolate Bar

Before we talk about it further, here is a great chocolate mint bar recipe from

Mint is a powerful flavor. It has been used for decades as a soother to the stomach. Adding mint to chocolate, particularly dark chocolate can be even that much better. Chocolate mint bars possess a great flavor that is tolerable to the taste buds. Mint extract, morsels or flavorings are added to many recipes for cookies, candies and drinks. An example of a good mini mint chocolate candy bar is what we have after a meal at Olive Garden Restaurant. What do they give us after we scoff down our pasta meals and bread sticks and salad, chocolate mint Andies candies?

Chocolate mint bars are great for all occasions, holidays, birthdays, social gatherings, and more. Many will appreciate having this particular type of chocolate around because of the health benefits of the mint itself. Many will reach for chocolate mint candies just because it is mint and they are thinking about their bad breath or stomach.

What can you make with mint chocolate? Tons of stuff! You can make mint chocolate chip cookies, mint flavored hot chocolate, mint toppings, mint chocolate fondue, mint chocolate drops, and more. Many sites will also list the nutritional facts for these bars. I have seen some post their recipe at 210 calories or so. This all depends on the ingredients. So, if you are calorie cautious then read up before you buy. There are also many organic recipes that will offer great alternative ingredients that are lower in fat and provide better nutritional value.

Well, I am sure you have your favorite recipes for chocolate mint bars or any other form of it. We would love to have your recipe and post it to our blog. Or, perhaps you have a great place to find chocolate mint bars or other. Let us know. Log on and leave a comment at

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