How to Dress Up Budget Food Recipes

Everyone needs to watch their spending today; even someone making six figures is going to feel the pinch of gas prices and food prices that are skyrocketing out of control these days.  But while there seems to be no end to the number of Low Cost Cooking recipes that you can use to cut back on your family's grocery bill, very often these recipes leave something to be desired when it comes to their nutritional value and their taste.  Really, what's the point of following cheap food recipes if it means food that is unhealthy or that no one in your family will eat?  But there are some ways to dress up these recipes so that they're tastier and more nutritious at the same time.

For one thing remember that you can use foods that are reduced in fat and sugar but not necessarily fat free or sugar free.  Usually things like mayonnaise or salad dressing that are fat free are rather tasteless but you can use reduced fat items in Budget Cooking recipes that will make them healthier but still preserve the taste.  Think of how you can use reduced fat cheese, mayonnaise, salad dressing, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, and items like these in any cheap food recipes you may have to make them better for you.

Sometimes when you are looking at meat, its best to look for leaner cuts of meat such as chicken or pork.  Shredded chicken marinating in barbecue sauce makes for great sandwiches, or you can use chicken strips for rolled up sandwiches instead of steak.  Thinking of how you can make up cheap food recipes using less expensive cuts of meat this way can save you quite a bit over time. 

You might also want to think of items you can add to your Low Price Cooking recipes to enhance flavor.  For example, salsa, spaghetti sauce, reduced fat cheese, or sour cream can be used in many casserole recipes without adding a lot of extra calories.  If you're making chicken and rice, add some cheese or sour cream and bake it for added flavor.  Leftover meatballs can be added to pasta sauce for a nice submarine sandwich.  These types of cheap food recipes use up leftovers so that you're not adding anything to your grocery bill.Sometimes we forget and just warm up a plate of leftovers but think of what you have in your fridge that you can add to help with the flavor of those leftovers.

Use vegetables in any of your cheap food recipes when possible; this saves money and is a lot more nutritious than anything else.  When making a casserole, reduce the rice and chicken and bulk it up with broccoli or cauliflower.You really can have a well balanced meal even with a meat dish as you can steam fresh veggies as a side dish.Whats nice about this is that you get some cheap food recipes that are also better for you.  You can even use pasta sauce over steamed vegetables as well for added flavor.  By doing so you'll have cheap food recipes that are healthy and budget friendly.

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