How much Easier can a Rival Crock Pot Make your Life?

As the evenings get shorter, the grill needs to be put away and replaced by the Rival crock pot. Invented by the Rival Crock-Pot company, the rival crockpot, or slow cooker, is a low-energy way of cooking food over a period of several hours. Because the temperature never reaches anywhere near boiling point, food gets cooked without losing any of its natural flavour or nutritional value. This is a cooking pot that is excellent for preparing rich stews. The length of cooking time is ideal for complex dishes that rely on binding diverse flavours. And modern rival crock pots are ultra-economical.

The concept has caught on. Slow cookers are now made by companies like Breville and Morphy Richards which are renowned for their cookware. They have become a common feature in many modern kitchens because you can set a meal to cook and then leave it to work its magic. Modern families often find it difficult to prepare nutritious meals just as everyone is coming home from work or school. For many, that's the most chaotic time of the day - and the worst possible moment to start preparing dinner.

A rival crock pot allows you to choose the best moment to prepare your meal. You can chop your vegetables and prepare your meat in the morning, place it all in the rival slow cooker and turn it on before you leave the house. The first crockpots cooked at a pre-defined, low temperature that was controlled by a thermostat. Contemporary cookware now offer a host of features that essentially allow you to expand your culinary repetoire beyond the limit of simple stews. Some feature more complicated temperature control so that food can be kept warm once its cooked automatically. Some slow cookers have a probe that checks the meat and turns the cooker off once it is cooked through. You can even program more advanced slow cookers to start at a high temperature and drop, or the other way round. But, if you add more power to your slow cooker, it will cost you more to run. A modern, simple crock pot is still the most efficient way to cook your food. However, if you decide that you do want a programmable crock pot, Rival offers a wide range of them including their most recent model, the Crock pot eLume Slow Cooker with a touch screen user interface.

Crock pots come in just a few different sizes. These are the '4-quart' and the '6-quart', which hold exactly what they say on the tin. The 6-quart option would be perfect for a big family with healthy appetites and a large kitchen. But one factor that has made rival crock pots so popular over the years is the prevalence of 'pot-luck' dinners. In this case, a 4-quart, handled crock pot would be ideal. Just carry the pot to the party and plug it in as soon as you arrive. Many rival crock pots feature a removable stoneware ceramic liner. You can serve your dish straight from the stoneware liner in style. And the weight of the crockery is enough to keep the meal warm without the need for power.

Now that there have been so many crock pots and slow cookers on the market for such a long time, there are also plenty of easy crock pot recipes to go with them. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics, your imagination is the only limit. As well, like with many other kitchen appliances, there are a number of crock pot replacement parts available on the market to help you maintain the usefulness of your trusted crock pot if it should become damaged in some way; a dropped or otherwise damaged crock pot can be saved by finding the right crock pot parts to replace a cracked or broken lid, a cracked or broken stoneware liner, or even to replace a missing knob from the lid of your crock pot. ***

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